Committee of Management

The Camp Icthus Committee of Management known as ‘the CoM’ manage the operations of Camp Icthus Inc.

The CoM are elected by members at our AGM in March/ April for two years, up to total of eight members, with four members elected each year, creating a rolling tenure. All members are required to provide a Police Check and complete a Governance training session following their election.

The CoM meet monthly, sometimes more, planning Summer Camps, member training, fund-raising and social events, site maintenance and development, site hire, compliance with all required policies and procedures, risk management, administration requirements and member recruitment.


Meet the 2023/24 CoM!

David Nightingale – Camp Icthus Chair

David has been involved in camp for over 20 years. Stating as a camper and becoming a leader soon after. David is a full time fire fighter in Melbourne and is an avid outdoors adventurer, a passion he picked up from being on camp. David is a believer in the work camp icthus does to help young people build confidence in a exciting and adventurous setting.


Jill Forshaw – Secretary

A member since 1977, Jill has been involved in all aspects of Camp Icthus and loves the opportunities Icthus provides for the development of young people, a wonderful safe place to build community and lifelong friendships. Now retired from teaching Jill dedicates much of her time to the CoM ensuring Icthus continues safely long into the future, while retaining all the challenges and fun Icthus provides.


Kat Brooks

I grew up an Icthus kid before attending Summer Camps as a camper, a leader and more recently I have co-skippered Camps over the last 4 years. To me, Icthus is a place where everyone should feel safe, heard, and accepted as who they are!

When I’m not at Camp, I keep myself busy with time split between Athletics (Javelin – training 6 days a week!), Coaching and Managing the Print & Create Department at my local Officeworks.  I love music, animals, sport and enjoy escaping the busy city with a hike or camping!


Hayden Currie

As a relatively fresh face at Camp Icthus, I’ve had the privilege of leading both the 2022 Junior camp and the 2024 Senior camp. My passion for the natural world is deeply ingrained—I seize every opportunity to immerse myself in it, and my recent years have been dedicated to studying its science. Adventure pulses through my veins, whether I’m slicing through powder on skis, pounding the pavement on a run, or embarking on wild journeys with friends.

I strongly value respect—for others, for ourselves, and for our planet—I am committed to fostering an environment where young individuals can thrive. For me, Camp Icthus embodies the perfect blend of respectful human connection, appreciation for nature, and the thrill of adventure.


Cara Foot

Cara has been involved with Icthus since she was 16. She has variously been a camper, leader, skipper and committee member over those years. She believes Icthus gives young people the opportunity to develop in a safe, yet challenging environment. Such opportunities are rare in our society. Cara is a criminal barrister and a runner in her free time.


Dane Hartog-Burnett

Dane has been involved with camp for nearly 15 years since coming to camp as a tiny 12 year old. Camp has given Dane the confidence to tackle new situations, take on leadership roles and have fun in the outdoors. His love of nature and outdoor activities inspired him to travel around most of the country by car last year, where he was able to utilise many of the skills learnt at camp to problem solve on the go. In addition to being a camp leader, Dane has taken on roles facilitating workshops for young people and as a ski instructor at Mt Hotham. Dane is now a civil engineer working on large infrastructure projects and using his time off work to pursue one of his many outdoor interests.


Kieran Magahy

Kieran has been involved in Camp Icthus since attending as a camper over 30 years ago. A career Firefighter and former Disability Development and Support officer working with children and young adults, Kieran Has served on the Committee of Management for over 10 years since 2001. Living and working in regional Victoria Kieran is married with 2 children of his own and has a strong commitment to health and safety, social justice and sharing his love of the outdoors and the environment with others.

Ian Thomas – People & Programmes Chair

Ian first came to Camp Icthus in 2000, and after attending as a camper for 6 years began leading in 2006. His career, mostly spent in the wine and agriculture industries, has taken him all over the world but his favourite place is still hiking or canoeing on the Mitchell River. Ian has a strong commitment to environmental custodianship and a focus on improving the procedures that allow camps to run smoothly.