The Organisation

Can I get involved in your organisation?

Yes! Whether it be flipping snags at a fundraising BBQ, attending one of our famous trivia nights, planting trees on a work camp, or actually leading on camp, volunteers are always welcome. You must have a Working with Children Check if you intend to lead on camp. Visit the Get Involved page for more details.


How do I become a leader on one of your camps?

To become an Icthus leader, you need to join up as a member, undergo a Working with Children Check, then officially apply to lead.  Places are limited as we only run two camps each year, so generally it is best to get involved in Icthus in some other capacity before you apply to lead.  Visit the Get Involved page.


If you only run camps during January, what do you do for the rest of the year?

During the year our organisation is busy fund-raising, finding new campers, developing our program, and of course looking after the beautiful site down on the Banksia Peninsula. We run work camps throughout the year to carry out maintenance on the site and to care for the natural environment that we are so lucky to spend time in.


I would like to support Camp Icthus – do you have something I can download?

Of course! Please get in touch with us at and we’ll send you something.