“My life! Camp, and the amazing friend’s I’ve made through it, got me through high school and to where I am today.”

Lucy Wirtz – Camper, Leader, Committee member

“As a camper, I was challenged physically and emotionally to move out of my comfort zone. I was supported by friends and relatives to be honest about my sexuality and my history. I have learnt what real leadership looks like, the value of true human connection and the raw power of mother nature.”

Max Johnson Camper, Leader, Skipper, Committee member

“Wow, after so many years, this is a hard one to answer. A husband for one and so, so many wonderful friends, so much laughter, tears, soul searching, enabling, encouraging, growing. Icthus has been a huge part of my life and continues to be. I was a shy, insecure young woman when I first became involved with very little experience in bush or adventure skills. Quickly through my years as a leader I developed confidence and leadership qualities, going on to Skipper and be President of the organisation for a time. My passion now is to assist in the mentoring of the young leaders coming through although I still get just as much joy and fulfilment from the campers.”

Jill Forshaw Leader, Skipper, Committee member, Honorary member

“A place that was and is still mine, that I looked forward to all year, where I could be silly and physical and get dirty. in some years, it was my saving grace. camp is a big part of who i am – i grew up through camp, as a teen and then as a young adult. it has given me experiences and skills that I probably take for granted much of the time, but that I may not have developed if camp wasn’t part of my life.”

Chris Forbes – Camper, Leader, Skipper, Committee member, Honorary member

“Initially, simply a fun 10 days of my summer. I loved connecting to people from places away from where I lived (rural Victoria) and having the opportunity to meet and make friends with so many others my age out of a school environment. As I got older and continued to return each summer, I found it comforting to have Icthus as a tradition, a constant throughout the otherwise everchanging adolescent years. I also gained many hard skills in outdoor living, how to sail a boat and canoe rapids and tie knots. My perception of what I was capable of grew, and I found myself feeling very confident in outdoor activities. At 16 I planned and undertook a 3 day solo hike, with no input from others (including transport), and have now started outdoor ed work with other organisations and schools based greatly from my experience at Icthus.”

Grace Arnold Camper, Leader

“I saw gender equality for the first time and I decided as a 14 year old that I wanted to be one of those strong, independent women. I also faced some fears and felt genuine acceptance of the “real” me.” –

Michelle Crozier – Camper, Leader, Skipper, Committee member, Honorary member

“Hi Guys,
Cannot thank you enough! The kids are dead tired, but can’t stop talking about the amazing time they had on Camp – loads of fun stories and tears for friends made and goodbyes. Nothing but thrilled for them!
They are even talking about next year!”

The Goddard/Harvey Clan