Camp FAQ

Q: Where is Camp Icthus located?

A: Camp Icthus is located on the Banksia Peninsula, south of Bairnsdale and to the east of Metropolitan Melbourne.

Q: I’ve never sailed, canoed or hiked before – can I come to Camp Icthus?

A: Yes! Many campers have never canoed, sailed or hiked before they come to camp. We cater for all skill levels in our activities.

Q: What clothes /equipment do I need to bring to camp?

A: Click here for the list we send to all campers, but here’s a general idea of things to bring to camp:Bring clothes for all weather conditions – while it is summer the nights can get cold and you never know when we might get rain.

  • We recommend lots of lightweight clothes that you can layer to keep warm.You’ll need to bring some clothes that are OK to get wet and dirty – don’t bring your best clothes, we have lots of black sand and most of your clothes will get wet at some stage too.
  • A pure wool jumper is recommended as it will keep you warm when it gets wet.  A fleece jumper is also good as it is warm, lightweight and will dry quickly if it gets wet.
  • Bring some shoes (not just thongs) that are OK to get wet – as you’ll need to wear shoes in the boats and in some swimming spots. A pair of sturdy shoes is also essential to walk in – these shouldn’t be the ones that you have brought to get wet – walking in wet shoes is uncomfortable and likely to cause blisters.
  • Bring a sleeping bag and pillow – doonas are not suitable, as we camp outdoors some nights.
  • A light weight rain coat is strongly recommended.
  • A sun hat and sunscreen are essential, as is insect repellent to repel mosquitoes.
  • If you have a hiking backpack (not a school-size backpack) bring that too. If you don’t have one, we have some spare ones you can borrow.

Q: When do I need to pay for camp?

A: A $100 deposit is requested when you apply for camp.  The remaining fee is due early in December.  Please contact our Summer Camps Co-ordinator if you are having financial difficulties, as alternative arrangements can be made.


Q: Do you run camps during the mid-year school holidays?

A: No.  As our camps are run by volunteers, who generally give up their own holidays to lead on camps, we are only able to offer camps in January each year.

Q: I would like to support Camp Icthus by putting some information into our newsletter/on our noticeboard/writing in the sky with a plane… Do you have something I can download?

A: Certainly! Get in touch with us at and we’ll send you some material.

Q: I’m thinking of coming to camp by myself and I am nervous about making friends…

A: No problem! Campers always come away from Icthus with a big group of new friends. Many of our current leadership team is still closest friends with those people that they camped with when they were 12.